The Devil Inside (2012) – Review

 I had been talking alot recently about how I was getting increasingly fed up with movies that fail to deliver an acceptable ending. The Devil Inside really takes the fucking piss.

Yet another found footage horror, The Devil Inside begins with some bird flying to Rome to make a documentary, filming a series of exorcisms in an attempt to discover what happened to her mother, who murdered three people whilst possessed by a demon. I figured I might as well try and enjoy this film for what it is, and after a while I found myself intrigued as to how it would end. It turns out that they couldn’t think of an ending so instead there just isn’t one.

As the credits roll, completely out of nowhere, we are treated to a website address where we can go and find out more, but the only thing you’ll find is character biographies and such. This is, of course, complete bullshit and I feel so sorry for anyone who went to the Cinema to watch this shameless piece of crap.

If you want to see a found footage exorcism film, you’re probably better off with The Last Exorcism. At least it had some sort of ending, even if it was stupid.

One Word Review – Shameless.

What were your thoughts? Let us know below…


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