Earth Vs. The Spider (2001) – Review

Earth Vs The Spider has an interesting concept but instantly you can tell it’s going to be shit due to poor acting, terrible cinematography and awful directing.┬áMy attention remained on the screen solely due to the fact that Dan Aykroyd was in it, and unlike ‘Spider-Man’ the film is probably more accurate in portraying what would happen if a man did become mixed with a spider. However, I found it tedious and very hard to feel any kind of emotion towards any character because it was extremely boring.

The Dog was by far the best thing about this film and the way that the main character treated him put me off straight away. On the plus side, the music was fun and some of the effects were nearly passable.

Score: 3/10 (1 point for Dan Aykroyd and 2 for the dog)
One Word Review: TIMEWASTER

Reviewed by: Paul von Hull


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