Grave Encounters (2012) – Review

A team of “ghost hunters” set out to film the latest episode of their TV show in an abandoned psychiatric hospital but soon realise that this place is actually haunted. This is yet another found-footage horror, this time from  debutant directors The Vicious Brothers.

It starts off the same way as 90% of found footage films have done before it, and you know how it will end straight away. It comes complete with shakeycam and shit acting. Ashleigh Gryzko in particular is really shit, but because the film is shit anyway, it couldn’t have been any shittier without her. Mackenzie Gray was fun to watch because he has a silly face and funny hair.

To be absolutely fair, I’ve seen way worse films than this in recent times. Sure, it’s shit, but at least it’s enjoyably shit. Give it a go.

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