Silent Hill: Revelations (2012) – Review

silenthilreve3dSean Bean returns in Silent Hill 2! Everyone loves Sean Bean! But apparently he hates us because he actually agreed to appear in this torrid turd of a movie.

Silent Hill: Revelations… It’s hard to know where to begin. The only emotion this film elicited from me was that of extreme boredom. What an awful, boring mess. Sean Bean’s role is practically (and unsurprisingly) non existent, whilst his former Game Of Thrones cast mate Kit Harrington must be counting his blessings, because if he didn’t have Game Of Thrones to fall back on, he would have never got a job after proving what little talent he actually has. Orlando Bloom move over. Also, just look at that poster.

Adelaide Clemens ain’t that bad to look at, but not enough to warrant having to sit through this piece of crap. Even if you’re a die hard fan of the games, or honestly (and seriously?) enjoyed the first film, after watching this piece of shit you won’t be any more.


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