The Walking Dead: Season 4

walking-dead-s3-poster2Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Carl, Sasha, alcoholic doctor, the young girls… I hate them all. Can’t stand them. I’ve had enough and with that Season 4 mid season finale, I think that is where I jump off The Walking Dead. It was a decent episode, but I don’t care anymore. I can’t.

Since The Walking Dead came back 8 weeks ago, I have struggled. I watched the first 5 episodes weekly, and even though they weren’t bad episodes, I didn’t particularly care what happened. I figured I’d leave it until the end of the current run (which is not something I have ever done) and watch the remaining 3 episodes back to back.

Last night the time had come. It began with promise as it was apparent episode 6 was going to be Governor-centric, and episode 7 was more of the same. I didn’t mind this. I was glad to get away from the Prison (which I’ve found even more tedious than Hershel’s farm).

But I just feel worn out with this show. There have been some solid moments throughout the series but not one of the characters left on the show make me care about where it’s heading. Even if they killed off everyone and just sent Daryl, Tyrese and Carol off into the woods I’m not sure I could be tempted back, they’d still find a way to make this show so dull and mundane.

It’s a shame. I really liked this show, and even stuck with it during its Season 2 struggles, but I’m tired of it now.


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