The Haunting Of Helena (2013) – Review

I didn’t particularly have a good time watching this film. The acting was so bad, incredibly dull. The lead actress just seemed confused throughout, and not in the way she probably was meant to be.

At one point a character is killed by flies and he sounded like he couldn’t have cared less about this situation if he tried. He just kind of stood there and let out the most half assed yell I’ve ever heard. It almost sounded sarcastic; “oh no, killer flies, I’m soooo scared”. At least it made me laugh.

The only thing that made me jump throughout this film was the sound of my own attic door slamming shut. But that’s been open for about half a year so I was more surprised it didn’t happen sooner, especially over the windy winter.

Anyway, The Haunting Of Helena sounds like a decent premise (evil tooth fairy terrorises family) but ends up being yet another mundane, by the numbers tale about some misunderstood ghost lady with apparently the same music score that all of these films seem to share. I actually kind if hated it, thinking about it.

So yeah, don’t bother with this one. You’ve basically seen it already.


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